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Program Details

A program to ensure activities are provided for every eager student. Activities available, but not limited to, include: Wildcat Chorale, Art Club, Cheer Club, Drone Club, Robotics Club, School Athletics, Summer Camps at WWA, Think! Tech, TrebleMakers and WildCat Care! 


Donations may be tax deductible!*  Click the DONATE button below to make online donations.

Or - avoid the impact of PayPal fees by writing a check to "WWA PTO".


 *consult your tax advisor


For more information, or to submit your sponsorship today, please contact:

 Scott Spindler  (WWA Board of Directors)

or the PTO Treasurer


Interested in participating in our Sponsor a Wildcat program?

Email Principal Bartusiak  or call 303-431-3694 with your child's name, grade, phone number. Provide your email address and any activity your child would like to participate in.  

Find out how WWA’s after- school sponsorship program can help supplement your child’s academic experience! 

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