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Program Details

Your generous donations go directly to the Wildcat Community Outreach Program, providing crucial support to families-in-need. Here's how your contributions make a difference:
Afterschool Programs: Enabling children to engage in educational and enriching activities beyond the regular school day.
Athletics: Supporting young athletes by covering fees and personal equipment, fostering a love for sports and teamwork while representing their school.
Field Trips: Ensuring that every child has the opportunity to explore, learn, and create lasting memories outside the classroom.
Basic Family Necessities: Assisting with groceries and living arrangements, addressing immediate needs and fostering stability.


Donations may be tax deductible!*  Click the DONATE button below to make online donations.

Or - avoid the impact of transaction fees by writing a check to "WWA PTO".


 *consult your tax advisor


For more information, or to submit your sponsorship today, please contact:

 Scott Spindler  (WWA Board of Directors)

or the PTO Treasurer


Interested in participating in our Sponsor a Wildcat program?

Email Principal Bartusiak  or call 303-431-3694 with your child's name, grade, and list any activity in which your child would like to participate. Please provide your email address, and phone number, as well. 

Find out how WWA’s after- school sponsorship program can help supplement your child’s academic experience! 

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